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Automate Engagement with Facebook Messenger

Create a branded chatbot so your fans are always-on. Powered with conversational AI. No coding required.

Collect Fan Data with Conversational AI

When you have a face-to-face conversation with a fan, you learn a lot about them. However, one-to-one engagement is difficult to scale. We have your solution: branded Fan Chatbots.

Fans speak to your bot like they would to a customer service representative, and you collect insight into their motivations and affinity to your brand. This gives you more time to improve your fan experience and personalize your marketing - ultimately earning you more sales and happier customers.

Integrated with Facebook Messenger

1.1 billion monthly active users are ready to chat with your brand on Facebook Messenger. Rather than browsing through a website, fans are more likely than ever to ask you for exactly what they want.

Stay ahead of competition and keep up with your fans' expectations for immediate response by creating a branded Chatbot.

Understand Your Fans

Forget forcing fans to fill out forms. In one casual fan chat with your bot, you'll learn all about your fans' affinity and common questions.

Tags and quick replies make it easy for you to categorize fans by interest in one short and effortless conversion.

Conversion Flow reporting shows you common fan question and where fans fall off, helping you understand what they care about.

Stay Constantly Connected

Over a billion people use the Facebook Messenger platform to communicate with the people they care about every day. Tapping into this network keeps you top-of-mind for fans 24/7.

Broadcast important updates to your fans' phones and computers with one simple click when they subscribe to your bot "News".

Entertain with Rich Media

Everybody loves a good GIF. Engage your fans with videos, photos, quick replies and (of course) GIFs to create an immersive and personable experience for fans.

Build relationships with emotion-packed media and take fans to the next level with integrated Tradable Bits Engagement campaigns.

Create Your Brand Personality

Setting up a Chatbot has never been so easy. Our simple (no code) interface helps you create and adjust conversation flow to suit your brand's unique personality.

Fan Chatbot AI is constantly training in the background to optimize responses so fans feel like they're speaking to a real human. We even let you upload a CSV of conversation flows so you can skip the interface altogether if you've prepared your content in advance.

Integrate Bots into your Business

Fan Chatbot is fully integrated with Slack, so your team can quickly respond to any extra-difficult questions with no interruption in conversation flow for your fans.

Facebook Social Login and Tradable Bits Engagement Campaigns are seamlessly integrated with your Fan Chatbot, so you add insight from each conversation to a fan's unified profile automatically.

Key Features

Messenger Platform

Reach 1.1 billion users with your fully branded Fan Chatbot. Get all the latest features without applying for developer status or chasing their ever-changing API

Conversational AI

Rely on our artificial intelligence engine to understand what your fan is asking for and provide the appropriate branded reply. AI is always training and improving!

Slack Integration

Let fans speak to a "real human" without interrupting their conversation flow if your bot is asked a particulary difficult question. Easily bounce back to the bot.

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